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Bellfire Teepee

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Trade the sounds of the city for the songs of nature when you book your stay at the Bellfire Teepee. Located in the Meeker Hollow in Roxbury, NY, and available via Airbnb for $145 a night, this is a magical way to commune with nature in style while stargazing on a 10-acre property bordering miles of forest.

The owners of this very cozy escape are a pair of Brooklyn expat artists who selected the
location “with privacy and tranquility in mind,” and it more than delivers. The farmhouse is 500 feet away from the teepee, so there’s no need to feel lost in the woods, but you’re nestled between a creek, maple trees and a wildflower field, just in case you actually want to feel lost in the woods.

The 18-foot Bellfire Tepee is a unique, custom-crafted getaway, complete
with beautiful furniture, wool carpets, cedar floors and carefully-curated decorative pieces. It looks perfect for meditation, cuddling or just kicking back after a stressful week. And who doesn’t want to sleep in a teepee, especially one this special?
There is no electricity, but candles and camping lanterns are provided, as is a solar phone charger. If it starts to pour, the tipi’s smoke flaps can be closed over the top to make sure you stay dry. There is a camping shower behind the tipi and an outhouse with a wash station and a composting toilet 50 feet away.

This is outdoor living at its finest. Come and see for yourself!

Editor's Notes

  • The area gets very dark at night so be sure to bring extra lights and headlamps

  • The campfire is in the teepee itself so be prepared to smell like a campfire

  • Bring warm clothes as it tends to get a bit chilly in the morning

  • The owners live on site but you are far enough away to feel isolated 

Bellfire Teepee

Roxbury, New York

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