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Lagusta's Luscious

What They Are about

Founded in 2003 by a passionate vegan chef, Lagusta's Luscious artisanal chocolates combine a deep commitment to social justice, environmentalism and animal rights with the love of bold flavor of a true foodie and the obsessive commitment to artisan techniques of a chocolatier. They work closely with small farmers and producers in the beloved town of New Paltz, New York and across the country to source everything from their Maui vanilla beans (from a tiny two-acre vanilla farm) to the candy-striped beets (our beet-coriander truffle will win you over, we promise!) grown by Farmer Jessica less than a mile away.

Our Notes 

  • Beware: you're going to want to buy everything. 

  • Votes are in, this is the best artisanal chocolate around...let alone, it's all 100% vegan. Trick your carnivore friends! 

  • Stop by the Lagusta's Luscious Commissary down the road for a more hearty dish. Or, if you're in NYC make sure to check out their shop Confectionery.

Lagusta's Luscious

25 North Front Street

New Paltz, New York

(845) 633-8615

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