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A hotel with a little bit of magic

Stickett Inn

What They Are about

Do you have those friends that whenever asked to sleep over you get gitty on the inside due to that their house is so extraordinarily cozy and welcoming? Well, that’s precisely how Stickett Inn makes you feel, a 4 bedroom inn located in Barryville New York has the charm that one looks for when exploring upstate.

The owners Roswell and Johnny have a created an extension of themselves an opened it to the world. Everything about this place makes you want to stay just a few extra days. Each room has a modern yet industrial vibe but still beckons you to lay in bed a few hours longer and just detach from the world.

Inside the bar/kitchen you find friendly smiling faces genuinely happy to see you and share a little part of their day with you. Stickett Inn provides yummy Mexican fare from the ever popular “Pink Tacos” from NYC, couple that with Stickett's Inn very own Cider and consider your evening complete.

If you are feeling a bit more nostalgic, we suggest staying in the “cottage” at the back of the Inn. It offers a feel of cabin funk sprinkled with a dash 50’s retro. When we entered, we were sure we would find a singer from the B’52s hiding in one of the closets.

This place is a rare find that offers its patrons more than just a room it provides them an experience.

Our Notes 

  • Stay in the Cottage 

  • The Pork Taco is A......MA......ZING

  • Be sure to say Hi to their Mascot "Lamonte" 

  • Take a drive over the bridge and hit up Rohams Pub, you will thank us later

  • You can walk right down to the Delaware River from the this spot

Stickett Inn

Barryville, New York

1 (845) 557 - 0913

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