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Talbott and Arding

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The specialty shop of Talbott & Arding is a treat for those visiting the Hudson Valley. With the owners combining their talents of culinary expertise with a world-class authority on cheese, the result is a treat for those seeking international and domestically-sourced cheeses and other provisions. Not only can you stop in to sample and procure some of the finest cheeses, but you may also select from a menu of hot soups, pastries, and baked goods, salads, frittatas, sandwiches, and entrees. There is also an online store and catering menu.

To say that Chef Mona Talbott and Kate Arding are experts is not providing the full breadth of their experience. It’s like saying Picasso was just a painter. Kate Arding is one of the foremost authorities on cheese and the cheese making process, often speaking at regional and national conferences. She has appeared on The Martha Stewart Living Show, Heritage Radio Network and has been regularly featured in national and international press, including the San Francisco Chronicle, The LA Times, and The Times (UK) to name a few.

Chef Mona Talbott honed her culinary skills at the prestigious Chez Panisse cafe and restaurant that instilled a passionate philosophy and appreciation of fresh, seasonal ingredients and simple, well-prepared food. She has written and published two cookbooks: Biscotti and Zuppe: Recipes from the Kitchen of the American Academy in Rome, and contributed to over ten cookbooks authored by notable chefs and has written articles for the New York Times, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and Organic Cooking. 

Visit Talbott & Arding located at 323 Warren Street in Hudson, NY.

Editor's Notes

  • Fresh, Fresh, Fresh

  • Amazing Handcrafted Food

  • Beautiful Cheeses

  • Wonderful Staff

  • Everything is Delicious

Talbott and Arding

323 Warren Street

Hudson, New York


(518) 828-3558

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