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Whitaker Point

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Whitaker Point is still "the people's place." Where one can go to do some soul searching, hang out with old buds and even meet some new ones, introduce the family to their first sight of that inspiring rock or, simply, just dwell and be.

Whatever your motive to be there, the rock does not disappoint. Nor does the trail along the way, as it is flush with wildflowers and a pretty waterfall area in the spring, then graced with the bright oranges and reds of turning maple leaves in the fall. Even in summer, one can hike the trail and enjoy the view over Buffalo River country that awaits at trail's end.

Editor's Notes

This is a good trail to pack a couple of bottled waters per person.  A hearty snack is also in order.  A camera is a must, especially if this is your first time to visit Whitaker Point. The best time to photograph is early in the morning (the photo at right was taken about 6:15 AM---not kidding!) or mid- to late afternoon, once the sun is behind you.

CAUTION:  PLEASE BE CAREFUL in this area.  A bluffline can be a pretty thing, but also a dangerous one.  We cannot stress enough the importance of remaining cautious and staying back from sheer drop offs, as well as keeping a vigilent eye on children, even teenagers.

Whitaker Point

Co Rd 5

Kingston, Arkansas


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