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Whole Clarity

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Whole Clarity emerged from a desire for vegan skincare that evolved into a collection of nature-inspired skincare and lifestyle products that add more beauty and balance to your life. Using plant-based ingredients, the Whole Clarity skincare line enables women and men to improve the quality of their skin and enhance their overall health. There are a variety of lotions, toners, cleansers and other products made of organic natural ingredients like aloe, oils like grapeseed, jojoba, tea tree, as well as essential oils that help skin rejuvenate, restore elasticity and improve overall appearance.


The shop also offers lifestyle products like an Herbal Smoking Blend made with organic and wildcrafted herbs designed to make you feel energized and relaxed at the same time. Other products include a crystal pipe, sage bundles for energy protection and grounding, singing bowls, meditation stools and art created from airplants.


Visit Whole Clarity at 22 Broadway in Kingston, NY.

Editor's Notes

  •  A locally Made Product 

  • Be sure to get the Rose Water Facial Spray

  • We love the Air Plant Art 

Whole Clarity

77 Cornell Street

Kingston, New York


(619) 665-0778

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