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A Fan Favorite

Coffee & Restaurant

Circle W

What They Are about

This place is quite simply the bee's knees. The food is delicious, fresh and fiendishly tasty. The coffee would wake the dead. The goods on sale are a mixture of essentials and impossibly tempting small luxuries - beeswax candles/local maple syrup/exotic Asian condiments/comfort foods/gourmet treats alongside everyday staples. The staff is a team of warm, friendly and lovely women, working their little hearts out, baking, cooking, cheerfully and unstintingly to serve you really excellent home cooking, made with love, passion, and pride in their work.

Our Notes 

  • This place could easily hold it's own competing with the top tier of trendy new sandwich spots that are all over NYC. 

  • I'm

    gluten free

    , so was thrilled to know I could get my sandwich on gluten free bread (which was delicious).

  • Stop in if you are climbing RT 23A to Katterskill Falls or Hunter.

Circle W

3328 Route 23A

Palenville, New York

(518) 678-3250

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