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Overlook Mountain

What They Are about

The Outdated Café in Kingston, NY is an eatery unlike anything else in the Hudson Valley. Imagine eating breakfast or lunch in an antique shop among the trinkets and knick-knacks where virtually everything is for sale. It’s a fun setting for exceptional food.

Everything in the café is for sale, including the chairs you sit on so you can shop for antiques and artwork while enjoying breakfast and lunch specialties. The setting is uncommon, and so is the food. It’s all farm fresh with a huge variety and lots of vegetarian selections.

Breakfast is a combination of traditional favorites with newer healthy additions. Instead of oatmeal (which they also serve), you may want to try the Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge, or swap your traditional eggs and toast for a Greens Scramble with eggs, kale, and goat cheese. There are sweet selections like Buckwheat Pancakes with pineapple preserves, and Cornmeal Pancakes with fresh fruit and vanilla whipped cream as well. Lunch offerings include salads and bowls, and delicious and exciting sandwiches like Grilled Cheese with kimchi on sourdough bread, the Outdated Sandwich with beet hummus, carrots, almond mayo, and avocado, of Peanut Zoodles – zucchini noodles in a spicy peanut sauce with veggies and tempeh. All sandwiches are served with a side salad. 

The beverages are also unique with menu items like beet or turmeric latte, a Sweet Potato Pie smoothie, or local apple cider steamed with chai. All of the coffees and drinks are organic, free trade, and made in house from scratch.

So head over to Kingston where there are two Outdated Café locations: Uptown Kingston at 31 Wall Street; and the Midtown location at 26 Downs Street. the home of the renowned American landscape painter, Frederick 

Our Notes 

  • The entrance is located right across the Buddhist temple. There is a very small lot that fills up early and doesn't try to park on the street (unless you want a $150 ticket).e entrance is located right across the Buddhist temple but PARKING IS AWFUL. 

  • The overlook provides one of the best views in New York hands down! It is AMAZING! 

  • Come prepared with the right shoes, WATER, and gear. It's a great experience if you're prepared

  • The trail requires some huffing and puffing to get up as it is quite steep in places, ascending 1400 ft in just over 2 miles.  You will sweat and you will be out of breath a bit, but the view at the top makes it worthwhile.  

  • You can Overnight camp at Echo Lake which is off the Overlook Trail

Overlook Mountain

335 Meads Mountain Road

Woodstock, New York

(845) 256-3000

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