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He is Watching You

Skull Rock

What They Are about

It began long ago when rain drops accumulated in tiny depressions and started to erode the granite. As more rock eroded, more water accumulated, leading to more erosion until, as time passed, two hollowed-out eye sockets formed and the rock began to resemble a skull. Located along the main east-west park road, Skull Rock is a favorite stop for park visitors. A parking spot is located just across the road from the rock.

For those wishing to stretch their legs, a 1.7-mile nature trail begins either just across from the entrance to Jumbo Rocks Campground or inside the campground, across from the amphitheater.

Our Notes 

  • Enjoy viewing these the incredible creatures, but remember that this is their home and we are the visitors. 

  • It is illegal and harmful to people and wildlife to approach, feed, handle, capture, or harass any wild animal in the park. 

  • If you treat wildlife with respect by not approaching or feeding them, you are helping them live natural lives. 

  • By keeping wildlife wild, you are protecting their safety and yours.

Skull Rock

Twentynine Palms, Califorina

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