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What They Are about

An extraordinary 1880’s Gilded Age mansion built by the Fleischmanns Yeast family, this archetypal Catskills estate has brought family, friends, and dreamers together for over a hundred years. The walls of this great house are filled with memories of laughter, of music,  of conversations, of strengthening bonds. Elegantly rustic. Charming. Welcoming. Over 30 acres of forests and meadows traversed with gentle walking trails past moss-covered ruins. A superb kitchen with an innovative chef. Hand-selected, hand-crafted wines, beers, and spirits. Eight splendid bedrooms, each delightfully unique. The perfect porch for stories and cigars. Stars. The smell of woodsmoke and the sound of wind in the pines. A deer, pausing at the pond at dawn

Our Notes 

  • Spillian is a portal for imagining, grounded deeply both in a sense of place and of play. 

  • Our dream is that everyone who engages with us will step back into their lives empowered to bring creative energy into their work, their relationships, and the world.


50 Fleischmanns Heights Rd

Fleischmanns, New York

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