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Stissing Fire Tower

What They Are about

The tower is owned and managed by Friends of Stissing Landmarks. Hikers are welcome to access the Tower at their own risk and at no cost. The climb takes about 45 minutes for most people, allowing a few short breaks along the way. At one point the trail upward clearly separates. To the left is the shortest route up, but it is the steepest. To the right is a more gradual ascent using an old trail formerly used by the fire watchers who went to work on board an old Jeep. The trail has deteriorated greatly since that time and is traversable only on foot today.

Our Notes 

  • Wear appropriate footwear. The trail can be wet in spots.

  • Pace yourself - this FIre Tower is 30 feet taller than most. 

  • Carry In...Carry Out. Practice some leave-no-trace exploration. 

Stissing Fire Tower

Pine Plains, New York

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