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The Beacon Daily

What They Are about

You may have heard of The Beacon Daily's award-winning chicken sandwich, and rightfully so! In our humble opinion, it should be in the running for the world-famous  Daily Chicken Sandwich! But that hasn't slowed them down with the rest of the menu. The amazing team behind The Beacon Daily is hitting home runs with every dish they serve. Their brekkie menu is off the chain, ready to get your day started regardless of how your night ended. And of course, breakfast is served all day, as it should be. For lunch... sandwiches galore! Every sandwich, whether it be chicken, beef, pork, or just veggies is perfectly put together and designed to satisfy every craving you could possibly be having. Truth be told, I believe the only award the Beacon Daily is going for is to see our smiling faces on The Daily!

Our Notes 

  • Yes... Their Chicken Sandwich is Award Winning

  • But Only Because They Ran Out Of Awards

  • Everything on the Menu Is Crazy Good

  • There is a Reason it is Called The Daily

  • Take-Out or Pickup for now

  • Or Just have them Cater Your Event

The Beacon Daily

29 Teller Avenue

Beacon, New York


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