Lazy Days in the Hudson Valley: Piermont

Stretching from Yonkers all the way up to Albany, the Hudson Valley region is over 7,000 square miles, full of breathtaking mountain top views, nature trails, parks, and local businesses. Over 2,000,000 people inhabit the area, which means there is a nearly infinite amount of ways one can spend their free time. Once a month, I’ll do the footwork for you, visit a new town, and share an itinerary for your next day off!

One of my favorite lazy days consists of exploring the village of Piermont in Rockland County, preferably on foot. I usually start off by walking into Piermont from Nyack, where I live, via the Raymond G. Esposito Memorial Trail. A little over a mile in, the trail ends and the three-mile-long Old Erie Path commences on the other side of S. Broadway.