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Lazy Days in the Hudson Valley: Piermont

Stretching from Yonkers all the way up to Albany, the Hudson Valley region is over 7,000 square miles, full of breathtaking mountain top views, nature trails, parks, and local businesses. Over 2,000,000 people inhabit the area, which means there is a nearly infinite amount of ways one can spend their free time. Once a month, I’ll do the footwork for you, visit a new town, and share an itinerary for your next day off!

One of my favorite lazy days consists of exploring the village of Piermont in Rockland County, preferably on foot. I usually start off by walking into Piermont from Nyack, where I live, via the Raymond G. Esposito Memorial Trail. A little over a mile in, the trail ends and the three-mile-long Old Erie Path commences on the other side of S. Broadway.

Photo by Joanne Louis-Paul

This heavily shaded trail makes it ideal for walking, running, or biking on hot summer days and taking in breathtaking peak fall foliage. A ten-minute walk on the Old Erie Path rewards you with one of the best views of the new Tappan Zee Bridge.

Photo by Joanne Louis-Paul

I love this trail because it’s never heavily populated and it’s easy to walk. The silence and relatively flat ground free my mind up to listen to podcasts or enjoy a great conversation with a friend.

I don’t know about you, but four miles of walking tends to stir up my appetite, so it’s a good thing that TacocaT is at the end of the trail to greet you like some beautiful food truck oasis. TacocaT is the brainchild of three-time Chopped champion, Chris Holland, and John “Jazz” Azznara. These culinary creatives saw the shift in the dining industry as an opportunity, not a disaster, and approached DVine empire owner, Joe Printz, about setting up shop in the empty lot next to The Grape D’Vine Wine and Spirits. Thank God he said “yes,” because the result is an extremely original and mouth-watering menu of Asian fusion tacos. You will not find anything like this anywhere else in Rockland.

I’ve found that two tacos are the perfect amount to leave me satisfied, but not overly full, which is important as I continue my adventure into Piermont proper. Flywheel Park is my next stop, about another mile by foot (I like to think of it as burning off the food I just earned).

Situated at the mouth of Piermont’s downtown business district, Flywheel Park is the perfect place for midday respite. There is a gazebo, as well as plenty of benches and manicured grass to sit on, that hugs the mighty Hudson River. Sit under a tree with your favorite book or person and enjoy doing nothing.

Photo by Joanne Louis-Paul || Pictured L to R: the Curried Skirt Steak (cooked medium rare, naturally) and Pho Que tacos (that’s a fun one to say)

Once you’re in town, there are plenty of cute shops to peruse and patron. I’m a sucker for gift stores, personally, so I highly recommend stopping into The Presence of Piermont.

Photo by Joanne Louis-Paul

They have an extensive and eclectic selection of jewelry, accessories, clothing, and home goods. I dare you not to walk out with something for a loved one (or yourself)!

Photo by Joanne Louis-Paul

Photo by Joanne Louis-Paul

There are so many things to discover in the charming nooks and crannies of Piermont, but I’ll end our adventure here for now. And hey, we did a lot! Four miles of trails with beautiful views? Check. Mind-blowing taco tummy party? CHECK. Supporting local businesses? Oh, yes, check. Not too shabby for a “lazy day” in the Hudson Valley!

It occurs to me that I’ll have to revisit this haven by the Hudson another time, but I will leave you with one last thought: Never miss an opportunity to choose joy.

Photo by Joanne Louis-Paul

Happy ‘Venturing!

TacocaT 6 Depot Sq. Sparkill, NY 10976 (201) 298-3646

Presence of Piermont 499 Piermont Ave. Piermont, NY 10968 (845) 680-6128

Piermont Creamery 530 Piermont Ave. Piermont, NY 10968 (845) 398-9000

Written by Joanne Louis-Paul


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