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Artisan beer

2 Way Brewing Company

What They Are about

2 Way Brewing Company is a micro craft brewery and bar located in Beacon, NY. Opened September 2014, 2 Way Brewing produces the highest quality handmade beers in the Hudson Valley. The name was inspired by its location on the “two way” river. The river, which is technically an estuary, was called the Muhheakantuck, or “river that flows both ways” by the Lenape tribe who inhabited the lower Hudson River Valley when the Europeans arrived.

Historically brewing was much more of a community endeavor than it is today. Across Northern Europe, arguably the birthplace of beer as we know it, breweries would often be municipal enterprises much like schools or town recreation departments. The brewery would be built and owned by a township, and only operated by the brewer. Frequently these breweries came to define the town’s identity, and many of the major styles we know today can be traced back to specific towns in Europe. Pilsner from the town of Pilzen in the Czech Republic, Bock from the town of Einbeck in Germany, IPA from Burton-on-Trent in England, and Stout from Dublin Ireland are all examples of towns or cities that developed their own style of beer.

A climate and farmland perfect for hop production, and world-famous water are just the tip of the iceberg. It is our goal to use these unparalleled resources to produce unique local beers at a brewery where anyone and everyone can come relax, hang out, and participate in the craft beer experience. Good beer with good people in a good place. That’s the 2 Way way.

Our Notes 

Join them for Trivia Night on Thursdays, enjoy local art inside or our patio outside, play pool, darts and other games, try 2-Way beer flights, and taste the delicious food menu courtesy of Roundup Texas BBQ!

2 Way Brewing Company

18 W Main St

Beacon, New York

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