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Meet the Founder

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Larie Ingrum

I had the vision to create a site that wasn't bogged down with ads and useless info, to get to what truly makes the Hudson Valley special—and Hudson Valley Happenings was born. It has been my baby for six years. I am so happy to present this guide so you can follow our journeys. 

  • Larie Pidgeon

The Contributors

Brand Director

Jason Kosciusko

Jason is a photographer, creative consultant, and artist based in New York City. Growing up along the rolling hills, pristine waters, and wild environments of the country, he enjoys having access to the coast and mountains, and the variety of gorgeous locations the Northeast has to offer.



Dana Hensley


Varies with Article

Wooden Hut


Sam Watson


Could this be


If you're a writer or photographer with a story to tell and a passion for the Hudson Valley reach out to us.

Maybe we can work together.


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