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Larie Ingrum

I had the vision to create a site that wasn't bogged down with ads and useless info, to get to what truly makes the Hudson Valley special—and Hudson Valley Happenings was born. It has been my baby for six years. I am so happy to present this guide so you can follow our journeys. 

  • Larie Pidgeon

The Contributors

Ulster Studios

Kevin Coffer

Fabian Gia

Kevin and Fabian are designers—graphic, online, interior— and creatives with heart and an entrepreneurial streak who love building brands and helping folks grow their ideas and businesses. Rebranding HVH for Larie has been a passion project for them that they hope will help shine a light on the people and beauty of the Hudson Valley.

  • Kevin Coffer
  • Ulster Studios
  • Hudson Habitat
  • Fabian Gia


John Suhar

John is a photographer, creative consultant, and artist based in New York City. Growing up along the rolling hills, pristine waters, and wild environments of the Midwest, he enjoys having access to the coast and mountains, and the variety of gorgeous locations the Northeast has to offer.

  • John Suhar


Justin Aharoni

Originally from Chicago, he's lived in NYC for 25 years—with stops in Israel and Los Angeles along the way. As the years advance, he's realized that we live in a world with stories to be told everywhere. With a unique point-of-view, he uses photography as a way to tell these stories.

  • Justin Aharoni


Jaymee Sire

Jaymee has made a career as an Emmy-award winning television host and sportscaster, but her passion lies in using her storytelling skills to share experiences with the world. During a 16-year TV career, she worked at several national broadcast networks like ESPN, ABC, and Food Network—so she's a natural in front of the camera. 

  • Jaymee Sire


Stephen Biebel

Stephen is an independent and versatile photographer from New York City via Pennsylvania. Between his artistic vision and business sensibility, he has created Collective.M—a photography company specializing in interior design, architecture, and high-end real estate,

  • Stephen Biebel



Crofty is a Welsh Terrier who currently lives with his humans Jessica and Martin Fitzgerald. He loves getting out and about and finding all the fun spots for his four-legged friends to enjoy. He is an avid sailor and prefers people food over dog food any day.

  • Crofty


Matt Steindl


  • Matt Steindl

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If you're a writer or photographer with a story to tell and a passion for the Hudson Valley reach out to us.

Maybe we can work together.


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