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Heart And Flame

What They Are about

Heart & Flame is an organic candle company that was created during the quarantine by the owner Ashley Vascellaro. Upon research she learned that many of the most popular candle brands are made with ingredients that can be harmful to us. These ingredients included the type of wax used as well as the fragrance used. Through further research, Ashley came up with a way to create organic clean burning candles for us to all enjoy. 

Heart & Flame prides itself on delivering its customers their favorite candles scents created with only 100% soy wax and 100% essential oils or herbs for scent. Allow your senses to enjoy this natural, subtle aroma and take a step back from a world filled with artificial ingredients. 

We promise your senses will appreciate the break from over stimulation we face in the world each day.

Heart & Flame's Promise to you is:

NO harmful paraffin wax or wax blends.

NO harmful fragrances.

NO dyes.

NO synthetic chemicals/materials.

Only the best and most natural candles are fit for our customers, and that is what we always strive to give them. All of Heart & Flame's candles are guaranteed to be made personally with lots of love and care.  You can currently purchase Heart & Flame's candles online only or at Local Artisan Markets.

Our Notes 

Our Faves

•Lavender Love

•Citrus Sunrise

•Eucalyptus Showers

Heart And Flame

Brooklyn,New York

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