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Adena Orchard & Vine

What They Are about

Adena Orchard & Vine is simply stunning wedding venue. Rooted on a rare piece of land in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York, Adena is like a bride to be. She is exceptional in her beauty, pure as the water and as cool and fresh as the air. Surrounded by mountains, fields, and forests, Adena Orchard & Vine provides an unequaled setting for your wedding, retreat, or corporate event. Adena is family run, community focused, and strives to be sustainable.

Our Notes 

You are the seed to grow Adena Orchard & Vine. For all events held with us, a fruit tree will be planted in honor of your event. This will be your tree and you are always invited back. Your involvement will connect you to this special place on earth for years to come. Put roots down at Adena Orchard & Vine and become a part of something special.

Adena Orchard & Vine

701 Merwin St

Jewett, New York

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