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Modern Archery Range

Aerow Archery

What They Are about

Open up a whole new world of excitment and mindfulness with Aerow Archery, a revolutionary facility in Jersey City where athleticism meets precision in an electrifying new way. This isn't just any archery range; it's a dynamic arena where mental agility and physical prowess come together, offering an unparalleled workout that challenges your core and sharpens your focus amidst a vibrant, music-infused atmosphere.

With its expansive 8,000 square feet space featuring 24 state-of-the-art lanes, Aerow Archery caters to enthusiasts and athletes at all levels. Here, the ancient art of archery is transformed into a modern sport, engaging your body and mind with every arrow you release. It's the perfect blend of concentration and physicality, making each session a thrilling exercise in balance, precision, and stamina.

Aerow’s equipment is top-notch and customizable, designed to match the ambition and skill of every archer. From the sleek, precision-engineered bows for the competitive spirit to the intuitive, traditional wooden bows for starters, there's something for everyone. The range’s lively ambiance, enhanced by curated artwork and pulsating tunes, adds an extra layer of excitement, making every visit an adventure.

At the core of Aerow Archery's innovative approach are the passionate coaches and staff, dedicated to guiding you from initial curiosity to mastery of the sport. Whether you're exploring traditional or modern archery styles, the expert team is there to inspire, teach, and challenge you, ensuring a learning experience that's as enriching as it is enjoyable.

Aerow Archery is more than a place to practice archery; it's a community where challenge meets fun, offering a novel and stimulating challenge that will invigorate your routine. This is an invitation to step into a world where every draw of the bow is a step towards mastering a discipline that nurtures both the body and the mind.

Embrace this exciting opportunity at Aerow Archery, where the journey of discovery and the thrill of the sport blend seamlessly. It’s not just about hitting targets; it’s about hitting new personal bests, finding community, and falling in love with a sport that promises to keep both your adrenaline and your spirits high. Welcome to your new passion—welcome to Aerow Archery.

Our Notes 

  • Aerow Archery offers a brand new, hip, and modern approach to archery, making it a fresh and fun experience for everyone.  

  • This vibrant archery range started providing its services in Jersey City, aiming to enhance customers' archery skills in a cool environment.

  • With its extensive space, Aerow Archery stands as the biggest indoor archery range in the area, promoting a healthy and enjoyable way to exercise.  

  •  The facility boasts an 8,000 square foot open loft space with high ceilings, modern design, and 24 lanes of tournament-style targets, creating an energizing atmosphere enhanced by cool, upbeat music.

  • An exclusive area where customers can relax and enjoy a curated collection of rare vinyl, alongside a display of vintage and Bauhaus-inspired artwork, offering an art gallery vibe. 

  • Aerow provides Olympic-style adult bows with precision technology and easy-to-use traditional wooden bows for children, ensuring a customizable and optimal archery experience.  

  • Offers a unique learning experience with seasoned coaches proficient in both traditional horsebow and recurve barebow archery, catering to all skill levels.  

  • Aerow Archery blends traditional techniques with modern advancements, presenting archery as a holistic and technologically-driven art form.

  • Promoting archery not just as a sport but as an art form that nurtures the mind, body, and soul, similar to the practice of yoga, aiming for a holistic wellness experience.

  • The venue's spacious and attractive setup makes it an ideal location for hosting gatherings, parties, and various events, adding a unique twist to traditional celebrations.

Aerow Archery

98 Forrest Street

Jersey City, New Jersey


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