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Curated • Vintage


What They Are about

Anderst is born out of the longing for that favorite irreplaceable dress in one's closet. With minimal, but intricate designs, Anderst aims to produce a fashion that lasts long past a single season and inspires women of all kinds to give each piece of clothing a unique life. Anderst has a mission to create a canvas for any attitude in any situation on any given day.

A commitment to local production allows Anderst flexibility with a minimal environmental footprint, and to purposefully and conscious Design that respects quality and value. 

Our Notes 

  • Anderst stocks clothing, shoes, accessories, objects, and edibles.

  • Check out their website to see what's in stock. 

  • Stop in and say hello for a personally curated fashion shakedown.

  • Something is in stock for every woman.


54 North Front Street

Kingston, New York


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