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Destination Recording Studio

ArtFarm Recording Studio

What They Are about

   Artfarm was formed to take advantage of the explosive growth of independent music and film production, and the inadequate availability of convenient full service integrated audio production services in beautiful rural settings. 

   In a niche of its own, this magical place has been a haven for creativity and retreat for 20 years and is less than 2 hours north from NYC.  Housed within a repurposed 100 year old post and beam barn with over 3,000 square feet of stunning interior, and featuring a great selection of new and vintage gear, our producer/engineer/owner, Sean Boyd will bring out the very best out of his guests/artists.  

   Sean started his engineering training on the other side of the glass, as a musician. Working with very talented producers (David Swanson, Rick Rowe, Bryce Goggin) and meticulously detail oriented engineers (Baby Monster, Powerplay, Chung King, Clinton…) Sean has amassed great technical and practical experience in the art of performance and the art of making a record.  As a producer, Sean gives an insight into performance and composition, which enables him to guide musicians to achieving 110% of what they are capable of.

   This destination recording studio which lays peaceably on 19 acres of awe-inspiring landscapes and Catskill mountain views- is a turn-key facility equipped to complete-start to finish-any album, commercial, multimedia or film audio project.  Working at Artfarm avails you to a seamlessly integrated space wherein everything is always at your fingertips and nothing is ever in your way. Complete with private housing (including sleeping, kitchen, and lounge areas) and optional catering, massage/bodywork, and live painting to music services, you are guaranteed a productive and unique experience.

Our Notes 

  • Professional recording equipment to capture that perfect sound

  • Dogs are a sometimes part of the crew and are always welcome on the farm as well

  • A destination recording studio that accomodates 10

  • Full kitchen and bathroom makes this studio feel like a home

  • Find i9nsipation wandering the trails or having a beer by the campfire

  •  Full analog capabilities (Ampex MM1200 2" 16-track, Studer A80 1/2" 4-track)

  • Pro Tools HD System

  • Huge, well lit live room

  • Stunningly accurate control room

  • Excellent microphone and outboard selection

  • Full kitchen, artists lounge, etc.

  • Plenty of accommodations for long term sessions

  • The Artfarm is a special place that oozes with good vibes

ArtFarm Recording Studio

31 Fawn Lane

Accord, New York

(845) 626-7467

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