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Pizza Restaurant

Baba Louie's Pizza

What They Are about

Every meal at Baba Louie’s comes from the highest-quality ingredients. Artisan bakers provide a delicious and nutritious sourdough pizza crust. They select the freshest veggies, fruits, cheeses, and meats to create wood fired pizzas and heaping salads.


There is something for everyone on their menu whether you are craving a new flavor or need to feed the kids something familiar—that’s what makes Baba Louie’s a great family restaurant and a delight for the discriminating palate. They also have an array of vegetarian selections on the menu and the house-made soups are always deliciously vegan.


They can also make any pizza with a wheat or spelt crust. The variety on the menu ensures that there is a healthy and tasty option for everyone who sets foot into Baba Louie’s whether you are young or old, vegetarian or omnivore, dietary restricted or food adventurer.

Baba Louie's Pizza

517 Warren Street

Hudson, New York

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