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Bari Juice Bar

What They Are about

Need a smoothie fix? A just pressed juice?

Check out Bari, a new juice bar which officially opened Monday, Oct. 23 at 86 Main Street in Nyack. Bari serves up organic baked falafel, fresh juice and smoothies from its location in Nyack.

With a mainly vegan menu, you can choose from most of the items on offer. Offering more smoothies and juices than food, Bari is the place to be when you're in need of a nutritional boost or light meal. Perfect for breakfast and lunch on the go or grabbing a bite before the gym or meeting friends. Just be careful as some of their smoothies contain whey or bee pollen.

The healthy take-out spot (Bari means "healthy" in Hebrew), featuring acai bowls, falafel, smoothies, vegan options and more, is owned by the folks behind Art Cafe,

Our Notes 

Great little place in the middle of the cute town of Nyack to grab or sit and enjoy some healthy treats. Their offerings accommodate vegan, gluten free, and even paleo diets.

We stopped by for a morning smoothie and fresh-pressed juice run....

I was craving some clean green and went with the 'Hydrator' made with kale, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, ginger and coconut water. It was refreshing and tart. Loved it!

Got hubs, a novice smoothie drinker the 'Green Mint Chip' made with bananas, dates, spinach, cocoa, cacao nibs and mint extract. He found it too minty, while I enjoyed it very much. Much to my surprise, we actually wound up switching drinks. I will say the color of this drink wasn't so appealing, but I thought it tasted like what I remember Breyer's mint chocolate chip ice-cream to taste like. Yum!

I also perused their to-go goods which included salads, chia parfaits and puddings, baked goods, Yerba Mate' and Kombucha. I grabbed the Paleo chocolate chip banana bread made with dairy-free chips I had a sample of at the counter. It was phenomenal! It was filled with dairy-free chocolate chips, and super moist, even the following day! A winner with the whole crew!

Bari Juice Bar

86 Main St

Nyack, New York

(845) 535-9888

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