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America's Oldest Vineyard

Benmarl Winery

What They Are about

At Benmarl they are committed to producing small batch wines that capture the unique character of each vineyard from which they are sourced. The estate production had almost tripled in the past six years showing faith in the wines that the Hudson River Region can produce. We invite you to visit the 37 acre estate overlooking the historic Hudson River Valley where you can taste award winning wines, tour wine cellars, and walk through the Oldest Vineyard America. Surrounded by lush vineyards and magnificent views of the historic Hudson river valley, Benmarl Winery is also the perfect stage for your wedding day. The natural and rustic beauty at Benmarl creates a unique and unforgettable experience that you will remember forever.

Our Notes 

"We are not focused solely on quality and consistency, but also on progression. Our environment is consistently changing. Global warming is creating new challenges as well as opening doors to opportunities that were never there before. New technologies and winemaking practices are aiding us in crafting exceptional wines while at the same time, allowing us to address issues of sustainability. The decisions that we make today will inevitably shape the environment we will have to work in down the road. This is not only a challenge, but a responsibility. We look forward to working with nature and science to continue crafting our wines."

- Matthew Spaccarelli, Winemaker

Benmarl Winery

156 Highland Ave

Marlboro, New York

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