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Family Friendly Hike

Black Creek Preserve

What They Are about

The Black Creek Preserve is a 130-acre woodland tract in the Town of Esopus.  It features a hemlock forest mixed with hardwoods, old stone walls, and vistas of the Hudson River from a riverfront viewpoint. For a family-friendly hike, you can’t beat Black Creek Preserve. Yes, the steep uphill climb at the start may make the under-10 contingent groan, but they’ll love crossing the suspension bridge that spans the creek and skipping stones on the Hudson River shoreline. In between, have them watch out for wildlife — from blueback herring, which journey from the ocean to deposit their eggs in Black Creek, to bald eagles.

Our Notes 


*Dog walking on leash



*Wildlife watching

Black Creek Preserve

Winding Brook Rd

Esopus, New York

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