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Camp Crate Escape

What They Are about

Camp Crate Escape NY is more than a dog walking & boarding service its an experience. We have been around dogs for our entire lives and know they are just fur covered people. The truth is to make a dog happy they need more than just a walk or a kennel when their parents are away, they need an adventure in nature. They need to smell new things, experience new places, run, romp, roll, puddle jump, bark and allowed to be what they are a DOG! We have over 15 years in the pet care world all of which is in the Hudson valley and know you deserve only the best! Anyone can walk a dog or put a dog in a kennel but not everyone can hike a dog or provide a home where their pooch can rest their head.

Our Notes 

  • They offer a pickup and drop off service in Hudson Mon-Fri for their daycare services

  • Love that


     off leash pack hike

  • If you are staying in any of the local hotels in Hudson they offer a nanny puppy package to take your pup out on the town while you do your own exploring 

Camp Crate Escape

Cairo, New York

(518) 610-5148

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