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Cedar Lakes Estate

What They Are about

Stephanie attended Clemson University where she studied management and more importantly, the elements of a successful party. After college, she moved to NYC to work for one of Manhattan’s high-end wedding planners. Stephanie’s sharp attention to detail and knack for diffusing any and all issues before they arise inspired her to bring these talents to fruition.

After graduating summa cum laude from Vanderbilt University, Lisa graduated as valedictorian of the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, officially making her love affair with food a lifelong vocation. Her time in Manhattan allowed her to work directly with some of the world’s finest chefs, from French Master Chef Alain Sailhac to television personality Tom Colicchio. Eager to learn from the masters of the Old World, Lisa moved to Italy where she worked in Tuscan and Sicilian kitchens.

In 2011, the sisters decided to build a business where they could foster their love for food, event planning, and affection for their childhood home. They spent 1 year perfecting their business plan and building charming cottages, a modern barn, and stunning venues for weddings and retreats. Now as the business’ Co-Founders, they work each day to share their combined passions with their visitors.

Our Notes 

Don't forget your swimsuit!

Cedar Lakes Estate

1 Team USA Way

Port Jervis, New York

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