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What They Are about

Woodstock's happening music venue is a neat place to grab a drnk and some bar food. The small, intimate setting has a second-floor, wrap-around balcon where you can sit and eat abouve the din, or enjoy primo seats for a live music show. Colony was recently purchased by new owners and renovated. It's new incarnation has a lounge vibe with wood floors, chairs, and tables; and bulbous, orange string lights to tie it all together. Going out, we would always hear about the glory days of Woodstock – the incredible artistic community, the many, storied nightspots and of course the world-class music heard in many different rooms and halls, almost every night of the week. There were, of course, many reasons why things changed over the years, but we believe there is still a very large and passionate community of music-lovers in the area that wants to come out for great music in a great room.

Our Notes 

The Colony was and is a beautiful building – but it had seen better days. Each time we went there to see music or comedy, we always pictured the ballroom as how, we would say, “we would do it.” We felt the Colony could be a world-class room – timeless like the Dome in Paris or Tosca in San Francisco. The hope was to make it feel original, old and eternal – like it’s always been there, unchanged, but well-loved, since 1929.


22 Rock City Rd

Woodstock, New York

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