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Juice Bar • Vegan Cafe

Conscious Fork

What They Are about


Real food equals real health, and at Conscious Fork those are words to eat by.  From delicious juices and elixirs, hearty soups and sandwiches, even mouth watering deserts, no one leaves hungry and unsatisfied!

   Conscious Fork opened in June 2012, with a mission of providing the community a healthier way to connect with food. Conscious Fork stands for the " forks in the road" we face daily, decisions big and small that can make an inpact on our world. A plant-based diet can yield huge benefits for the environment, our health and our animals.

   Strive to be the change we want to see in the world!

Our Notes 

  • Kim is making vegan dishes easliy accessable to everyone

  • From amazing smoothies  and salads

  • to beautiful sandwiches the feel like comfort foods

  • High quality ingredients

  • Free of GMO's, pesticides, and other toxins

  • Most ingredients are locally sourced

Conscious Fork

16 railroad avenue

Warwick, New York

(845) 988-KALE

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