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Self-Care Spa

Conscious Habitat

What They Are about

    Welcome to conscious habitat! This space was designed as a peaceful oasis to promote self-care and well-being for today’s stressful lifestyle.

    Conscious Habitats' facilities are equipped with showers, lockers, eucalyptus steam room and infrared saunas, and other equipment which aid in relaxing, detoxing, and restoring balance.  They also offer personal care services with one of our talented wellness professionals, such as massage therapy, reiki, reflexology, facials, health coaching and more! 

   And after you have nourished your mind, body and soul form the outside, step right through the doorway and nourish your mind, body, and soul from the inside at Conscious Fork!

Our Notes 

  • Eucalyptus Steam Room

  • Infared Saunas

  • Personal and Couples Massage

  • Relax in the Solarium and enjoy a Detoxifying Elixir

Conscious Habitat

16 railroad avenue

Warwick, New York

(845) 986-9355

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