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Spiritual Healing & Exploration

Crystals of Quartz

What They Are about

   Are you the type of person who loves astrology, crystals, tarot cards, and spirituality? Then you will be right at home at Crystals of Quartz. Family and female owned and run by a coven of some of the sweetest witches you will ever meet, the high vibes greet you at the door! The building itself is magical and dreamlike with lofted ceilings and interesting architecture that tells a story of its own. 

   The knowledgable staff will help you pick out whatever it is you need to further yourself along your spiritual path all the while reminding you that your own intuition is your best guide and that wherever you are is where you are meant to be right now. See what speaks to you while you're there or go with plan in mind, you'll be sure to leave feeling richer for the experience. Maybe you'll find a book on astral travel, a singing bowl, a stunning amethyst cathedral, or a few tumbles. But we guarantee you'll leave feeling a sense of community and love.

Our Notes 


  • Handselected, high quality  crystals

  • Welcoming & knowledgeble staff

  • Books, Chimes, Alter supplies

  • You can feel the positive vibes & the love as soon as you walk through the door


Crystals of Quartz

61 Windermere Ave

Greenwood Lake, New York


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