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Dater Mountain Nature County Park

What They Are about

A view of the Village of Tuxedo, The New York State Thruway, and Orange County may be seen from the high elevations, some rising 940 feet above sea level. Dater Mountain Nature Park contains eight federally designated wetlands and provides habitat for two NYS endangered species (the Northern Cricket Frog and the Allegheny Woodrat) and one threatened species (the Timber Rattlesnake). Dater Mountain Nature Park has many local tribal and family histories. The Munsee Indians once inhabited the property. It is the westerly part of the Spence Patent, one of four grants given to officers of the British Army by George III in 1775. Dater crossing brought the locality into contact with Route 17 and Tuxedo. The area was extensively logged in the later 1700's and into the 1800's; trees were burned in pits to produce charcoal for the smelting of iron ore. Many of these pits can be found throughout the property.

Our Notes 

Dog allowed on leash!

Dater Mountain Nature County Park

54 Seven Lakes Dr

Sloatsburg, New York

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