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Full Service Floral Designer

Earthgirl Flowers

What They Are about

Earthgirl Flowers pushes petals. We arrange the freshest flowers in unexpected ways and tailor them for you. For your wedding, special event, affair, please give us a ring, we want to be your flower girl!

We listen and then we plan. We really listen. Because we want to hear what you want even if you don't know the first thing about flowers.

We waste not.  All of our vases and vessels, basically anything that will hold a flower arrangement, are on loan to you. We arrange, we deliver, we set up and then after your event we come and clean it all up and put your borrowed items back into inventory. No landfill filling.  The flowers are yours to take or we will get them rearranged and dropped around the community for others to enjoy and then ultimately to our compost pile.

Local first: We grow what we can and shop our local growers first. We also have full access to the worldwide flower market so we make your floral dreams a reality and we do it in the kindest way possible.

Inventory: We have a full range of vases and vessels for you to choose from.  Our inventory runs from vintage to modern, from sparkly to rustic and classic to kitschy.  We like to shop (treasure hunt) so our vast inventory is always expanding.

Our Notes 

Grown here on the farm or by the hands of our local farmer pals, or from growers around the globe, we gather the best of the bunches and arrange them just for you. Always with a twist.

Earthgirl Flowers

92 Bayer Rd

Callicoon Center, New York

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