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Bar • Nano-distillery

Gardiner Liquid Mercantile

What They Are about

Partnering with a local 4th generation orchard, GLM brings the still to the farm to focus on estate spirits from the bounty of the Gardiner and New Paltz area.  What started as a desire to distill at Dressel's Farm has evolved into a nano-distillery with a satellite retail shop and tasting room on Main Street in Gardiner.  Though Gardiner Liquid Mercantile will be producing its own spirits, the true goal is to develop this Main Street Farm Shop, Cafe, and Bar into a hub for all Farm beverages and food produced within 20 miles of Gardiner Village.  That's crazy right? Crazy and sustainable.  Crazy and possible.  Crazy and delicious!

Our Notes 

  • Ask the bartender what might be right for your tastes, and they'll personally craft a cocktail. 

  • A very friendly environment; great to meet new people.

  • Might be a bit NYC priced, but well worth it. You won't be disappointed. 

Gardiner Liquid Mercantile

128 Main Street

Gardiner, New York


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