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Family Farm Winery

Glorie Farm Winery

What They Are about

Long before there was Glorie Farm Winery, there was Glorie Farms (also previously known as Stoneside Farm). We grow about 20 acres of fruit produce: Peaches, nectarines, pears, apples, quince, black currants, and wine grapes. Though we do not offer pick-your-own, our fresh-picked fruit is available to our visitors for purchase in season. If you’ve never had a fresh, juicy peach straight from the tree, you are in for an incredible treat! Once you’ve had a true fresh fruit experience, you’ll look differently at the fruit in the grocery store. You will know that if peaches bear stickers saying they’re from Georgia, then the sign above them that says “Tree-Ripened Peaches” simply isn’t true. Our peaches ripen on a tree; their peaches ripen on a truck. There’s a world of difference between the two, and once you’ve had the real thing, you can’t possibly go back to the other stuff. We welcome guests into our comfortable tasting room which offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Hudson Valley, beautiful in every season. Come visit us for a guided tasting that costs just $9 for 6 wines, and you get to keep the  stemless logo tasting glass. Or during August only, make a reservation for our new, focused winery and vineyard tour and tasting with our assistant tasting room manager, Zac. Find details further down this page. Guests are always welcome to buy a bottle and enjoy it on the lawn while soaking in the views!

Our Notes 

*A reservation is needed for groups of 8 or more.

*Parking: Please don't block the roadway in front of the barn! Small vehicle parking is near the tasting room. Limo and bus parking is between the house and the carriage house (smaller gray barn).

*Restrooms: Restrooms are located on the driveway side of the storage building near the small vehicle parking lot. (There are no restrooms in the tasting room.)

*Lingering: You are welcome to linger outside after wine tasting to perhaps enjoy some Glorie wine and the incredible valley view. Several picnic tables and some lawn chairs are available; some people bring blankets or sheets to spread out on the knoll.

*Alcohol: Only Glorie alcoholic beverages are permitted on the property.

*Service: For everyone’s safety, we will not serve people who are visibly intoxicated, loud, or annoying other customers.

*Pets: We love dogs. We have two. That being said, for insurance / liability reasons and all guests’ comfort, dogs are not allowed at Glorie Farm Winery. Thank you for understanding.

Glorie Farm Winery

40 Mountain Rd

Marlboro, New York

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