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In 2007 the National Park Service decided to try using our goats to remove plants that were damaging a Civil War Gun Battery at Fort Wadsworth in NYC and they have continued to used goats in various locations in the Gateway National Park System ever since. 
Most of our Goats are retired Dairy and 4H goats or family pets that sadly can't be kept any longer.  We give them a new purpose
and a chance to live the American Dream - They eat for a living!

Over the last 12 years, hundreds of National, State, City and Town parks, The NYS DEC, WV DEP, Cemeteries, Colleges and Golf Courses in six states have used Green Goats to eliminate Poison Ivy,
Wild Rose, Phragmites, Japanese Knotweed, Porcelain Berry, Kudzu, Autumn Olive, Bittersweet, Ailanthus, Silver Grass and almost every unwanted plant or invasive weed, safely and economically
An added bonus is the public's fascination with goats.  Parks have had 20% plus bumps in attendance because people enjoying seeing the goats at work.  Many people visit the goats daily.  One prestigious golf course even had to add 15 minutes to the T times so the golfers could watch the goats.

Let our “Weapons of grass destruction”, as the NY Daily News once called them, work for you.
Its good for the goats, good for the environment and good for a park's budget.

For more information please contact us here in Rhinebeck, New York and like us on Facebook at
Green Goats Rhinebeck.  

Green Goats

Rhinebeck, New York

(845) 876-4438

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