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In today’s increasingly isolated world, we know how important it is to gather with the people you love. We want to help you make it memorable (and delicious)! Whether it’s an intimate and low-key gathering or a more festive vibe you’re looking for, we’ll plan and execute an experience that’s just right. While we’re based in the Catskills, we’re happy to go wherever good people gather. Pull Up a Chair, we love bringing people together around a dinner table. We believe that food should be nourishing and comforting and is always better when it’s shared. We believe in crafting meals that make you miss your mom. We believe cooking, cocktails, and conversation are the strongest foundations for building community. We believe that a shared meal can heal more than an empty stomach. We believe there is tremendous power in the act of gathering.

Our Notes 

Great food, tasty beverages, interesting people. What’s not to love about a great dinner party? We host events at amazing venues featuring the best local products. And we want you to bring an adventurous appetite and your best stories to share around the table. Keep an eye on us to see what we’re doing next.

Have Knife Will Travel


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