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Hudson Valley Taco

What They Are about

Welcome to Hudson Taco, located in the heart of downtown Newburgh in the historic West Shore Train Station. This station was built in 1909 by Warren and Wetmore, the same architectural firm that designed the most celebrated railroad station of all time, Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan. Interesting Fact — the West Shore Train Station was built four years before Grand Central! Warren and Wetmore created a collection of train stations for a smaller train line out of Manhattan. People from New York City came “upstate” to Newburgh for shopping and sightseeing along our beloved Hudson River. However, in 1958, the train station saw the last of its passengers and sadly, between the fire damage the station sustained and removal of roof shingles, the train station was boarded up and virtually left in ruins. After nearly 50 years, a restoration between 2001 and 2009 brought a renewed interest in the station and all that it could mean to the community of Newburgh. 



Hudson Taco sources many products from local farms, cheesemakers, wineries and we even collaborated with our neighbors, Newburgh Brewing Company, to create “aMAÍZing”, a delicious corn lager made from New York State grown corn from Hudson Valley Malt that pairs beautifully with all of our dishes. To say that we are excited to share this menu and experience with all of you is an understatement. 



Our Notes 

  • Ask for a table by the Window

  • Try their Blood Orange Margarita

  • For Dessert, don't miss out on their churros.

  • Get a variety of tacos, its fun to sample them all

Hudson Valley Taco

27 S. Water Street

Newburgh, New York


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