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Indainhead Mountain

What They Are about

Distance: 6.16 miles round trip from DEC parking lot from Preditor Road and back to the parking lot.

Time: Average 4.75 hours round trip

Elevation Gain: 1,515’ feet from parking lot to the summit of Indian Head Mountain.

Best Time to Hike: Morning.

Difficulty: Very Difficult and Dangerous

Attractions: Beautiful views from the east side of Indian Head Mountain, challenging! Bragging rites that you did part of the Devil's Path.

Unattractions: Difficult climb up a 30-50' shear wall by hanging onto roots and difficult climb up cork-screw chimney. 

Dangers: Falling off mountain.

Common Animals: Black bears, coyotes, birds, and snakes.

Access Methods: Foot only

Our Notes 

The actual summit of the mountain is a short distance beyond the viewpoint. There are no signs to designate this high point, but you’ll know when you’ve reached it, as just beyond, the trail begins a very steep descent. In just half a mile, the trail drops about 500 vertical feet.

Indainhead Mountain

Catskill State Park

Hunter, New York

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