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Art • Handmade Jewelry

J. Hengen Studio

What They Are about

J. Hengen Studio offers the space, materials, and all levels of instruction for anyone wishing to learn the art of jewelry making. In addition to passing along the wealth of knowledge of this craftwork, the shop proprietor is also a working artist who appreciates the story of creation that every piece tells, intentionally leaving behind markings the tools make, which makes each piece of jewelry and ceramic unique. The figures are personal narratives where elements from the natural world take on symbolic roles. Work by J. Hengen Studio is consciously created using conflict-free gems and recycled materials. 

Our Notes 

  • Take a class in wax carving or couples ring making. You won't regret it.

  • Take the journey to visit the shop and appreciate this gifted artist's work. 

  • An excellent place to find a gift for a loved one. 

J. Hengen Studio

1382 Kings Highway

Sugar Loaf, New York

(845) 610-5656

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