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Authentic Pierogi Shop

Krupa Brothers Pierogi Company

What They Are about

Tucked away in downtown Kingston’s Historic District, the Krupa Brothers Pierogi Company is the brainchild of twin culinary wizards, Kyle and Tyler Krupa. This dynamic duo kicked off their pierogi empire in 2020 from a cozy rented kitchen space, quickly becoming a local sensation through savvy social media marketing and a knack for nailing the delivery game. Fast forward a year, and they've planted their roots in Kingston, swinging open the doors to their very own kitchen and storefront on May 1, 2022.

From the get-go, these brothers set out to conquer the pierogi scene with a secret weapon: a cherished family dough recipe and age-old cooking techniques handed down by their grandmother. Each pierogi is crafted with love, hand-rolled, boiled, and lovingly dunked in melted butter before being sent off to find its destiny in someone’s kitchen. The filling? Only the freshest potatoes from Story Farms and the finest local ingredients, because let’s face it, nobody’s here for the preservatives.

The menu is a vibrant tapestry of flavors, offering everything from the classic Potato & Farmers Cheese to the adventurous Heirloom Pumpkin & Mascarpone, ensuring there’s always something new to try from their freezer full of goodies. While they’ve got a soft spot for wholesale, the Krupa brothers couldn’t resist the charm of their scenic spot, stocking a retail freezer for those who fancy frying up some pierogi magic at home.

Spring and summer see them expanding their culinary repertoire with a special takeout menu on Sundays, catering to the bustling Rondout crowds. But the grand plan? To spread the pierogi love far and wide across the Hudson Valley and beyond. While they’re still warming up to the idea of online orders and delivery for their retail fans, their pierogi have already found fame in local markets and even scored a spot on the menu at Kingston’s culinary gem, Ship to Shore.

For those eager to dive into the world of Krupa pierogi or curious about where to snag a dozen, a visit to their website or a direct email might just be the start of a delicious partnership. With open arms and a freezer full of pierogi, the Krupa Brothers Pierogi Company is on a tasty mission to fill every plate with a piece of their family’s legacy.

Our Notes 

• Take-out available every Sunday

• Outdoor seating is available on Sundays weather permitting

• Pick up these amazing pierogis at Krupa Bros directly at their shop

• Or find the at these select restaurants or markets

• Stories Farms

•Halfmoon Roundout Cafe

• Ship-to-Shore

• High Falls Food Coop

• Accord Market 

• Damn Good Honey Farm

•Adams Fairacre Farms

• My Town Market

• SunFlower Market

• Or contact them today, and make your business a local supplier

Krupa Brothers Pierogi Company

23 W. Strand St

Kingston, New York


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