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Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club

What They Are about

Livingston Manor Fly Fishing club lies on the banks of the Willowemoc, the birthplace of fly fishing in America, and is built on this very idea. But rather than limit ourselves to the sport of fly fishing, we aim to introduce our guests and members to a slower pace of life, where you become more connected to your natural environment and more connected to one another. Regardless of whether or not you fish.

The club is housed in two lovingly restored buildings in the heart of the quaint town of Livingston Manor, and extends to five acres of riverfront estate. The property has been designed to meld the comforts of home with the beauty of nature and encourage those that stay there to explore, get inspired, make, relax, and connect with one another and their environment.

Our Notes 

Long before fly fishermen, the original stewards of the Willowemoc were the Lenape Tribe, migrating from the Catskill Mountains to the Delaware River. These nomadic dwellings are our tribute to them. The 25 ft Tipi is made a little more social with the addition of a wood burning stove imported from northern Sweden, and enough rugs to fill a moroccan souk.

Our second canvas projects were inspired by the glory days of exploration, and the legend of David Livingstone. A pair of wall tents appointed with all the luxuries required by the modern day, and traditional, explorer. Soft linens, mosquito net, binoculars, a net for catching butterflies, a cooler box to preserve the ice for your gin and tonic….

Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club

634 Old Rte 17

Livingston Manor, New York

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