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Lola Pizza

What They Are about

   LOLA is a modern take on the classic neighborhood pizza joint–where the focus is on fun and good vibes. Those good vibes extend to a year-round covered patio where you can enjoy cocktails, beer and wine + LOLA's full menu. It's a favorite gathering spot for locals–always a good sign.

   LOLA serves up some of the best housemade pizza and pasta–plus classic appetizers and salads you might find in New York's Little Italy. Their wood-fired pizza oven, the Acuno Napoli, was imported straight from the pizza gods in Naples, Italy. Even their cocktails, like the Cachi Negroni, focus on Italian spirits that might transport you to one of those breezy, relaxed bars in a grand hotel along the Italian Riviera. One can dream. The wine list leans toward natural and biodynamic, and the beer list leans toward fun and hoppy.

   While they won't divulge their pizza secrets, they do confirm the crust is sourdough. The Tiger Paw Pizza with Chili Honey and the Brisket Pizza are current customer favorites. And the pasta–Cacio e Pepe with housemade Spaghetti or housemade Mafaldine with Shrimp, Tomatoes, Asparagus and a light touch of LOLA tomato sauce? Order both, to be safe. Start with Mussels in a white wine broth, Stracciatella or Prosciutto & Asparagus. And don't miss the soft-serve (with loads of topping choices) for dessert!

   As for the vibe, if you're a fan of a 90s hip-hop soundtrack, this is your jam. You might be tempted to (and can) buy one of the sweatshirts worn by their staff before you head out. And if you make it there during LOLA Pop-Up hours (Tues - Saturday 12-5pm), you can purchase their housemade pizza, pasta and sauces to make at home.

   LOLA opened in Januuary 2020 and was conceived by a team including consulting Chef Zak Pelaccio of Fish & Game and Backbar, Restaurateur Taavo Somer of Freeman's, LOLA Chef Zachary Wade and Erin Winters, Director of Operations–alongside Developer Charles Blaichman and Co-Owner Aviva Blaichman. The cocktail list was developed by Natasha David and Jeremy Oertel, veterans of some of NYC's most iconic bars, and the wine list was curated by Lila Holland of Fish & Game.

Our Notes 

  • Fun & Good Vibes

  • Beautiful Year - Round Patio

  • Classic 90's Hip-Hop Music 

Lola Pizza

243 Fair Street

Kingston, New York

845 768 3624

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