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Hand Crafted • One-of-a-Kind • Local Artists

Maker Central

What They Are about

At Makers Central they've created much more than just a shared workspace. They've built a community. The makers/artists have learned and honed their craft either on their own, at school, or at one of the numerous and invaluable teaching studios out there. But when it comes to taking the leap and turning that craft into an actual business, most makers find themselves lost in a world of completely unknown, seemingly insurmountable problems. It's one thing to be an expert craftsman, but it's an entirely different ballgame when it comes to the business end of things. Not to worry though, Maker Central has you covered.

Need to set up an LLC? Don’t know what an LLC is? Good, they can help. Need a reliable bookkeeper to organize that disastrous shoebox full of receipts and invoices? They can help you find someone for that. Makers Central has built a solid and ever-growing network of business support professionals, from accountants and bookkeepers to photographers and graphic designers so that you can spend more time doing what you do best. Making.

Our Notes 

  • Creating a community for HV artists to thrive

  • A home for makers/artists to concentrate on their craft

  • Taking the headache of running a business out of running a business

  • A plethora of resource that covers all your business needs

Maker Central

84 Central Ave

Tarrytown, New York

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