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Roman Pizza Works

Mercato Pizza

What They Are about

  Mercato Roman Pizza has met its first year open in pandemic, offering an artisanal dinner menu with a blend of innovative flavors and classics in a range of Roman pinsas and pallas. A few of our favorite ingredients are the truffle sottocenere, Jersey Girl burrata and caciocavallo, house-made porchetta with lemon zest and fennel pollen, 36 month prosciutto and parmigiano reggiano to name a few.

  What better place to learn how to make Roman pizza than Rome? They spent 2 weeks in January sampling every type of Roman Pizza and speaking to the best pizzaiolos and bakers. After 6 months of trial and error, they’ve produced a crisp, airy and easily digestible complex sourdough Roman Pizza. Made from imported Non-GMO grains, 80% water, and cold fermented for up to 72 hours it has 2⁄3 fewer carbs and gluten, no cholesterol, no sugar & no fat – no regrets.

  Their menus include four house-made sangrias, a range of wine vintages, local craft beer selections, a Not Pizza selection of appetizers, and desserts – like the olive oil lemon panna cotta or the Affogato, an espresso poured over cappuccino crunch ice cream, YUM!!!

  They inspire to take simple food and make it an experience. With Mercato being their fourth establishment, owners of The 9W Market in Palisades and The Filling Station also in Palisades, and West Haverstraw, they say, “This was never our vision! But we love the simplicity of a great food experience with amazing ingredients.”

Our Notes 

  • Casual atmosphere with a spacious dining room, reels of vintage Italian movies playing on the dining room wall.

  • You have to try the LITTLE NECK CLAM ROMAN PIZZA Béchamel, Lemon, Parsley, Little Neck Clams, Red Chili Pepper, Clam Reduction Crema

  • Vegetarian: WILD MUSHROOM ROMAN PIZZAPortobello, Oyster & Shiitake Mushrooms, Fontina, Fresh Thyme & Sesame Seeds

  • Meat Lovers: SPAZZATURA (THE BUTCHERS SINK)House-Made Sausage, Veal Meatballs, Nueske's Bacon, Tomato Sauce, Jersey Girl Mozzarella.

  • Wine vintages, Mercato Sangria’s, craft beer, selection of Mercato beverages.

  • Dine-in or Take-out, curbside pick up available, and seasonal outdoor dining.

  • Pizza is two sizes, Pinsa serves 1-2, Pala 28” serves 4-6.

Mercato Pizza

31 Rt 303

Tappan, New York

(845) 606-9000

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