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Oyster House • Pub

Morans Oyster House

What They Are about

Just south of Galway, Ireland, on a weir beside a creek that runs into Galway Bay, this 18th-century tavern-all burnished wood and thatch-was immortalized in the Seamus Heaney poem


Our shells clacked on the plates
My tongue was a filling estuary

Moran's feels like some family's rowdy, boozy reunion. And its Irish Rocks are fabulous: the outer shells fuzzy with sea moss; the inner nacre a blinding white; the meat resembling (and even tasting like) delicately grilled eggplant. Afterward you can stroll beside the creek to the beds where the oysters were raised.

Our Notes 

  • The one thing I noticed at Moran's was the excellent service. It definitely put the restaurant at another level. Our waiter was super helpful with answering our questions about the menu and was receptive with our every request. Anytime we asked for something it was at the table within 2 minutes. 

  • We ordered the Oysters to start because duh Oyster Cottage. The baked Oysters OMG! They put an amazing garlic breadcrumb mixture on top. Must try!

  • The cottage is small and cozy, and your best bet is to be seated next to the roaring fire

Morans Oyster House

6463+9W Roymore

County Galway, Ireland

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