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Mount Beacon

What They Are about

Mount Beacon Trail is a popular trail on the edge of Beacon, New York. With its beautiful scenery and unmatched views it easy to understand why so many complete the 5.9-mile loop trail every year. The mountain top 360-degree view is breathtaking from sunrise to sunset. The trail can get steep and is rated as difficult. The best time to attempt this hike is from late summer to the end of fall. Dogs are a welcome addition to bring to this trail as long as they are on a leash. This trail will leave you with a great workout and amazing views!

Our Notes 

  • This trail can get pretty steep so wear some sturdy shoes, we don't want to roll any ankles! 

  • This is a very popular trail, for good reason, so don't be surprised if the parking lot is full on a beautiful day!

  • The trail opening is easy to access at the edge of town!

  • Take in the views, appreciate nature and all its beauty!

Mount Beacon

Beacon, New York

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