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Handmade Soap • Skin Care

Nourish Natural Soap Co.

What They Are about

Today there are over 15 different soaps and scrubs to choose in the online store. Each new, innovative fragrance was created with the belief that self-care is an essential practice in everyday life to ensure living the best, most awake self. The unique combination of essential oils and natural scrubs and exfoliants were created to provoke specific moods and leave you feeling as if life’s challenges have melted away. Let Energizing Peppermint give you that extra energy needed for your next breakthrough or Soothing Lavender leave you relaxed and ready to sleep through the night. Sweet Orange will keep your mood lifted all day long while the natural extracts work to sooth skin inflammation. No matter the need, there is a Nourish Natural Soap that can help facilitate the mindful self-care needed to overcome life’s challenges

Our Notes 

  • Made with the highest quality natural ingridents

  • Bar soap, hand, soap, bath bombs, shower steamers

  • Great for gifts to spoil yourself as well as loved ones

  • Free shipping on orders over $50

Nourish Natural Soap Co.

263 Main Street

Beacon, New York


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