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Humble Beginnings

Old Klaverack Brewery

What They Are about

Old Klaverack Brewery is located in the Town of Claverack just outside of Hudson, New York. We are the first brewery in the Town of Claverack in over 100 years!  We produce a wide range of beer styles from our Klaverack Kream Ale, Spookrock IPA, to Dunbar Stout!! So please stop and see them and try new beers! By sourcing locally the beers are different from what you will get on the main stream craft beer market, but you will definitely not be disappointed!

Our Notes 

  • Their slogan for the brewery is “Local Supports Local”. They truly believe that a strong relationship with the community (Town of Claverack) and the surrounding area’s help make the brewery what is today.

Old Klaverack Brewery

150 Thielman Rd

Hudson, New York

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