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Dog Clothing • Accesseries

Paco & Lucia

What They Are about

Sisters and animal lovers Alejandra and Pauline Martinez founded Paco & Lucia in 2016.  Born in Peru and having lived throughout their lives in South America, Europe, and the US, they wanted to design a line of dog clothing and accessories that combined their own various fashion influences and honor the beauty of their country and its people. Timeless styles together with the richness of Peruvian textile designs, Paco & Lucia aims to please pet owners that seek something a little different.

With high attention to detail and quality, they focus on making beautiful, carefully crafted pieces with a dog’s comfort in mind. They know they have something very special when they hear from their customers all the time, “I want one for myself!”

When starting Paco & Lucia, the sisters agreed that helping animals in need was a key business driver. They donate a portion of sales to various rescue organizations and also support them through events and fundraising efforts.

Our Notes 

  • Catering to dogs of all shapes and sizes

  • Beautifully designed, rugged gear

  • Walk, Play, Eat, Sleep

  • Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Paco & Lucia

292 Fair Street - Suite 3

Kingston, New York

(917) 447-4313

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