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Southern Comfort food


What They Are about

At PAKT in Kingston, NY,  they are serving Southern food with a touch of Japanese and Mexican fusion and a focus on BRUNCH!

They believe that Pakt provides something for every part of every person, and that healing comes through food. You can eat a vegetable burger with kale for your physical health, but you can also get a crispy chicken and brown butter waffle with jalapeno jam for your emotional and mental health. Their focus is to cook with a Like Water For Chocolate mentality, they put themselves into their food so it will transfer to you with love. Pakt feeds you the story behind the dish because helping people travel through taste is more important now than ever.

They are currently open for outdoor dining, takeout and delivery Fri-Mon 10-3 pm, and have a general store and grocery section that highlights the makers of the region. They are currently booking their adorable venue for private parties (themes are their favorite) as well as holiday catering with private chef services available. Several dinner pop-ups are also in the works so stay tuned here and visit to join their PAKT with the local community!

Our Notes 

  • Delivery or pick-up

  • Outdoor dining is available 

  • Small events welcome

  • Eryn and her partners are catering gurus!


608 Broadway

Kingston, New York

(845) 331-2400

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